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Does your organization have difficulty persuading people to support you, vote for you, make contributions to you, or join your cause? If so, you may lack a compelling message. Joel Bradshaw has been working with campaigns and organizations to craft winning messages for over thirty years. He knows that, when it comes to message design, less is often more. He knows that crafting a compelling message is always more about the audience than the candidate or organization. He knows that in order to be persuasive, a message must be consistently, effectively, and repetitively communicated. JBA can help you find and stick to the persuasive message that will be the key to your victory.

Joel Bradshaw's approach to message is simple and powerful. The most important aspect of message is that it connects as compellingly as possible with the target audience. In order to find that connection, the message development process begins with a detailed understanding of the organization or campaign's current reality, and a clear definition of the persuadeable target audience. By obtaining and analyzing data to survey the lay of the land, we can clearly define the persuadable target audience. What is important to them? What is the current mood in this climate? How can we move them to care about our candidate, issue or organization?

An effective message has seven critical characteristics. Joel Bradshaw Associates can help you develop a message that has them all and we can help you stick to it.

If the message your campaign or organization is using isn't working as effectively as you would like, it's time to call Joel Bradshaw.

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