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Organizational Development

• Is your organization not as effective as it could be?

• Does your team keep revisiting the same issues over and over again, even after a decision has allegedly been made?

• Are you having trouble forming effective coalitions, or are you in a coalition that just doesn't seem to get anything done?

• Are the conflicts between the power centers in your organization growing and are they out of control?

• Are your organization's mission and the staff's roles and responsibilities clearly defined?

• Do you have a proactive plan for making your organization stronger and more effective over the next few years, or are you too busy reacting to each crisis as it arises?

If any of these problems plague your organization, JBA can help. Whether you need a good facilitator for intra-group or inter-group meetings, help hiring a new executive director or other staff, or drafting a strategic plan, Joel's thirty-plus years of experience and superior facilitation skills can make the difference for you.

Facilitation and Organizational Development Success Stories

  • Facilitating the development of coalitions around common policy agendas among environmental groups in Oregon, Montana and Wyoming.

  • Helping the Arizona League of Conservation Voters and Vermont Alliance of Conservation Voters work through crises of leadership and hire new executive directors.

  • Facilitating an effort by Tennessee Forest Advocacy that re-focused their work and formed an effective coalition that is producing positive results on forest policy.

  • Facilitating a meeting of Nevada conservation groups to resolve differences on wilderness and water policy and build trust among the disparate groups.

  • Working with the Center for Biological Diversity and other Arizona environmental groups to develop a common strategy on a proposed ballot measure and re-build trust among the groups.

  • Consulting on hiring executive leadership for the Pennsylvania League of Conservation Voters, Conservation Voters New Mexico, Maryland League of Conservation Voters, Nevada Conservation League, Florida Conservation Alliance, and Colorado Conservation Voters.

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