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Joel Bradshaw has over 35 years of experience working in legislative advocacy work, both at the state and national levels. He understands the tremendous opportunities and challenges involved. Now he is helping progressive organizations throughout the country become more effective at securing important victories in the public policy arena.

Bradshaw knows how to identify the key swing targets, how to develop a razor-sharp strategy, and craft a compelling message that will greatly increase your organization's ability to achieve your policy goals.

In addition to working on specific issues, Bradshaw also works with individual organizations and coalitions on enhancing their long-term effectiveness by increasing their credibility, focusing their advocacy work and strengthening their political clout. He does this by helping them develop and implement a series of effective tactics that combine policy advocacy with effective political action throughout the election cycle.

Add your organization to this list of success stories among JBA clients:

• The Oregon environmental community developed a common legislative agenda, which has substantially increased their effectiveness.

• A group of environmental organizations in Tennessee created a healthy, functioning coalition working to work more powerfully on forest issues.

• The Illinois Education Association political action program developed a listening sessions program which strengthened the relationship between the IEA leadership and its members.

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